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5 Tricks for Healthy Eating during the Weekend

We said that the weekend is not the time to continue with the diet since there are all kinds of temptations: friends who invite us to eat at their homes, the mall, outings to drink drinks that are full of calories.

But not everything is lost since if we have a weight loss plan for the weekend, we will not end up recovering everything lost during the week. Certain basics can keep us within the limits of healthy eating, even on the weekend.

Weigh Friday and Monday

To have a real awareness of what was acquired during the weekend, we must weigh ourselves on Friday afternoon when the workday ends and again on Monday morning when the workday begins. If we notice what was acquired over the weekend, we can aim to increase it no more.

Abundant Breakfast

During the weekdays it is difficult to have breakfast with time and everything we want: the time we have for breakfast is much less. Therefore, the weekend tries to have breakfast with time and as always you want. This will make you not eat so much at lunch, even in the afternoon and evening.

Limit Beverage Consumption

During the weekend, we usually consume alcohol and sugary sodas that can make us gain a lot of weight. If we limit these drinks, we can avoid weight gain. Let’s not remove them completely, just a little less.

Change the type of cooking.

During the weekend, we usually eat many fried foods, which represent dozens and tens of calories more than during the workweek. Therefore, one way to avoid gaining weight over the weekend is by changing the type of cooking of food, for example, steaming or roasting it.

Enough of junk food!

Of course, it may be one of the most difficult advice to follow, but not one of the most effective. If you want to avoid gaining weight over the weekend, eliminate as much junk food as possible from the diet. They do not have any nutritional value, they have a lot of trans fats, and they overflow with calories.

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