8 Vegetables With Very Low Calories for Weight Loss

8 Vegetables With Very Low Calories for Weight Loss

If we need to lose weight, one of the measures that we must take into account is to control which foods to include in our list of allowed foods and which ones to exclude according to the number of calories they have.

This seems somewhat difficult; however, once we know which foods have low calories, the task is much easier.

In this article, we will share eight excellent vegetables that have few calories, and that can go directly to the list of allowed foods since we will not add anything to the daily count.


Celery is a vegetable that has a somewhat bitter taste. It is a food that is often used as snacks between meals due to the very few calories it has.


Cabbages have many properties that go beyond helping to lose weight: they are known to help prevent precancerous changes and cardiovascular diseases. It is always on the list of foods that serve to lose weight, and this is not a coincidence because it has so few calories that the mere digestion of this food burns more calories than it provides (negative calories).


Asparagus are high-fiber vegetables that will keep us full for longer than we think and at a very low cost of calories. Eating foods that keep us full for longer will keep us away from junk food.

4-Beets (beet)

The beet is an excellent choice if you are looking for a low – calorie vegetable diet. In addition to having very few calories, beets are an excellent choice because they have special natural antioxidants that give them their color and are only found in a few foods.

Although they do not have excess calories, beets do provide an important dose of energy.


Lemon can be consumed without major problems since it will not add significant calories, no matter how much we eat dozens of them. Lemons are used for many purposes, such as flavoring water or as a kind of dressing at meals. Lemon is low in calories, but it also has natural antioxidants that will keep us away from free radicals.


Mushrooms are another vegetable that has very few calories, and that will help us in the tiring task of eating rich and healthy while losing weight. None of the edible mushroom varieties have a significant amount of calories, so we will have many options at our disposal.


Tomatoes are citrus that is on any list of healthy foods. Tomato has lycopene, which is a compound that helps prevent cancer and heart disease. Therefore, there is no excuse to exclude it from the list. In turn, it also has very few calories that will allow us to lose weight.


Turnips are not well known because certainly few foods we know are made with them, but the truth is that they are delicious, and there are hundreds of recipes that include them, usually, as an accompaniment to dishes or salads. Turnips have anti-inflammatory properties that can provide solutions to certain inflammatory diseases of the body. In turn, its low amount of calories placed in the list of foods that we can consume to lose weight healthily.

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