4 Important Secrets to Lose Weight Without Diets

The first of the healthy weight loss secrets we will see is drinking water. Surely you’ve heard the importance of drinking water to lose weight. To make the effect even more positive, drink water before lunch: at least two glasses. Performing this simple act, you will eat less, since your appetite will be satisfied before, […]

Negative Effects of Soft Drinks on Human Health

Drinks do not have vitamins, proteins, or minerals. In the process of making soda, any substance that contains water is filtered and removed. Subsequently, refined sugar, caffeine, acids, dyes, and preserves are added. As for the sodium it contains, it has been proven that excessive intake can cause pathologies that modify lifestyle such as coronary […]

What is a Smoothie and How to Make a Smoothie?

If you have trouble eating fruits and vegetables, one of the simplest and funniest ways is smoothies. Have you heard of them? They may sound like you because a few years ago they became fashionable among celebrities. There are smoothies with a multitude of ingredients. In some, the fruit predominates, while in others, the vegetable […]