Green Tea: is It Effective for Weight Loss?

Green Tea: Is It Effective for Weight Loss?

Losing weight can be a challenge for many people if they get carried away by fashion products or who have more publicity in the media. The market is saturated with products that promise to help you lose weight within a few weeks without making efforts.

Many of them are tricks, but beyond that, there is something that almost everyone identifies: if you look at the ingredients they contain, you will notice that they carry green tea or green tea extracts that help you lose weight.

The exercise is simple: you go to a store of weight loss products and ask to be shown some. Check the leaflets, and you will notice what pills, bottles, etc. They have green tea in the ingredients.

This is because green tea is an important supplement when it comes to losing weight. The pills are often harmful to lose weight, but this does not mean that everything they contain damages our health and does not serve to lose weight.

How to Lose Weight with Green Tea

Green tea has several properties that will be beneficial for the weight loss process. For example, green tea will help increase metabolism.

Recent research has shown that green tea extracts increase the metabolic rate by up to 4%. These are not magical effects; it is due to the high concentration of polyphenols that this natural product has. Polyphenols will help intensify the level and speed that the body burns calories.

By following a diet program, our survival instinct will cause our body to activate an energy-saving system automatically. In other words, there is a decrease in the use of energy, and the organism begins to feed itself. Fat begins to be used as energy.

With green tea, there is no need to eat less or to follow a strict calorie-free diet to lose weight. Exercise, however, will help burn a lot more fat.

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