How to Make Oatmeal and Banana Pancakes

One of the most popular breakfast recipes is oatmeal and banana pancakes. It is easy to prepare, delicious, and very energetic. They are the ideal breakfast to go out to eat the world. Do you want the recipe for banana and oatmeal pancakes? We tell you to step by step: banana and oat pancakes.

Surely you have heard on more than one occasion that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It is the one that puts the batteries after all night at rest. But sometimes it is not the best time to ingest something. Many people say they get up with a “closed” stomach and little desire to eat. So few, that they usually leave the house on an empty stomach, or with, at most, a coffee. Does it happen to you too? Knowing tasty and healthy options for breakfast will make it easier for you. The oatmeal and banana pancakes are one of them.


The pancakes are a fantastic breakfast: it is delicious, and they have a holiday component that makes them very appealing. But they are very caloric. If you are taking care of your weight, traditional pancakes do not seem the best option. This is why we leave you a recipe for oatmeal and banana pancakes very easy to prepare that you will do in a very short time, and that will hit you! When you try them, you will hardly notice the difference this type of pancakes and the ones you are used to consuming.

Banana and oat pancakes recipe we bring you today could be considered that of some pancakes fit. They are rich in complex carbohydrates; They have quality proteins; They contain magnesium, potassium, folic acid, essential amino acids, and vitamins. Also, they lack added sugars. All this also makes them a fantastic option to give you extra energy if you are going to play sports.

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