Negative Effects of Soft Drinks on Human Health

Negative Effects of Soft Drinks on Human Health

Drinks do not have vitamins, proteins, or minerals. In the process of making soda, any substance that contains water is filtered and removed. Subsequently, refined sugar, caffeine, acids, dyes, and preserves are added.

As for the sodium it contains, it has been proven that excessive intake can cause pathologies that modify lifestyle such as coronary conditions, diabetes, chronic inflammation, etc.

The intake of excess sodium can lead to lifestyle diseases such as diabetes, chronic inflammation, and coronary complications.

Produces Weight Gain

The calories that soft drinks provide are many more than we need.
Carbonated drinks have very high levels of sugar and calories that can lead to overweight or obesity.

Drinking soda regularly can cause increased fat in the liver and stomach muscles. These two fundamental organs of the human body can contribute to insulin resistance and diabetes.

But this is not all; sodas or sodas have a lot of caffeine that generates a kind of addiction that produces that we always want to consume more.

Those who regularly drink soda do not verify that they have so many calories and sugar that taking one glass a day can increase 1 kilo in about one month. If you drink more glasses a day, the kilos will add up faster.

Therefore, consuming less soda or eliminating them from our diet can be very beneficial to eliminate excess weight.

Produces diabetes

We saw that carbonated drinks or sodas produce an increase in weight, so there are more risks of generating type 2 diabetes, which appears due to insulin resistance, which leads to an accumulation of blood sugar.

Drinks have high levels of fructose (usually by corn syrup). This interferes with the normal development of insulin production. When we drink soda, insulin resistance begins to develop because when the pancreas is detected, so much sugar in the body begins to generate more insulin to process those sugar levels. This ends up developing diabetes.

Aspartame is an artificial sweetener that is approximately 200 times sweeter than the common sugar we drink daily. To perform aspartame, three main chemicals must be mixed: methanol, phenylalanine, and aspartic acid.

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